Post Dra 310

I have been thinking about what to do with this blog, since it’s original purpose for set-up has been fulfilled. (That’s if you wrote the exams)
The options available are :
1. Shut it down. (like what’s the point of keeping it?)
2. Leave it dormant. ( No one really cared about it in the first place, it was all about the marks, right?)
3. Continue updating it with more interesting content that you might find very relevant.
I’m sure you chose the last option since you are reading this post. You are probably right.
I chose to continue blogging about stuffs you all like, the focus of which will no longer be research papers but student lifestyle, pop culture, design , cooking tips, and things I come across that offer you the opportunity to pick up new skills.
This blog has acquired a new purpose.
Find anything interesting ? No problem, Just drop your comments and join the community of interesting peeps discussing what they find.

But wait again, we all made it into 2013, and now again, we have all gotten promoted to a new class, it’s our final year peeps and so I say a big congratulations to everyone in the set of ’09. May God in his infinite mercy and grace grant us success in the coming session.

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